Residential Demolition

Demo Connect is a leading Demolishing Company in Sydney, we carry out mechanical and manual demolition, gutting, partial demolition. As a demolition company operating in Sydney, the years we have experience and the know-how on every Demo request that come through our clients and to start the process accordingly.

Comply & Regulations

Local Sydney Council

We follow all requirements Setout by the Local Sydney Council we are operating in. 

Safety First

We facilitate all Trades from Plumbers, Electricians that are required to make the site is safe before commencement of works

Co-ordinated Work

We coordinate with Engineers and Private Certifiers that all requirements are meet before commencement of works

Additional Permits

We facilitate all Local Council Approvals and additional permits for our clients prior to commandment of works.

Recycling And Sorting

All recyclable materials are removed and sorted out separately.

Eco Friendly

Afterwards, we dispose of rubble and materials in an environmentally friendly and professional manner.

What’s Classed as Residential Demolition:

 Demolition of masonry, concrete, floors and ceilings, stairs,  Demolition of terraces and balconies  Knocking off wall and floor tiles  Exterior plaster and interior plaster  facade demolition Dismantling of metal and door frames, wooden windows, blinds
 Roof removal and soil removal  Demolition and gutting in the bathroom
 Kitchen dismantling, kitchen demolition
 Demolition of barns, garages
Removal of plasterboard, Removal of straw mats and mineral fibre webs in trusses
 Removal of walls, chimneys, small constructions, pedestals  Demolition of concrete surfaces and asphalt surfaces  Dismantling and dismantling of technical equipment  Heating systems and ventilation systems.  Removal of paved private paths  Removal of screed floors
all sanitary facilities Professional dismantling of kitchen and living furniture, Disassembly of radiators and complete heating systems inc. Burner Disassembly of sheet metal garages, metal canopies, roof antennas Removal of sanded plaster surfaces on interior and exterior walls. Professional foundation removal,
Dismantling of pipe systems, shelves, steel structures Removal of slatted boxes in basement and storage Removal of ventilation shafts, carports, gates, railings, awnings Dismantling of metal bracing, wooden shutters Elimination of mats and ceiling suspensions, Dismantling of metal and door frames, wooden windows, blinds

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