Industrial Demolition

Demo Connect is a Sydney based demolition company, we offer services and solutions for demolition, rehabilitation, gutting, disposal in industrial, commercial and private areas.With our promise to build on strength, we offer customers a strong foundation for their projects and the certainty of an economic and ecological trusting cooperation. Our services include demolition, demolition, excavation, asbestos removal, container service, disassembly, gutting, disposal, demolition, remediation, mold remediation, selective dismantling.

As a specialized demolition company in Sydney, the demolition of industrial buildings and building tracts as well as the dismantling of small additions, garages etc. as well as single and multi-family houses belong to our daily business.

Here, the situation-oriented and professional planning of your project plays a crucial role to implement your dismantling as cost-effectively as possible and on time. We follow demolition guidelines based on the site requirements, refurbishment and disposal concepts for a sustainable and successful project completion.

All of the resulting substances are dismantled and sorted by us in accordance with the Circular Economy and Waste Act. They are mostly recycled or kept in special landfills.

We develop for you economic and technical concepts that leave the cost of demolition and disposal of your construction work in a calculable, inexpensive framework from the outset. In cooperation with specialized companies for refurbishment and knowledgeable geologists, we are also active in the field of refuelling for well-known mineral oil companies.

Comply & Regulations

Council Approved

We follow all requirements Setout by the Local Sydney Council we are operating in.

Pre Safety Checks

We facilitate all Trades from Plumbers, Electricians that are required to make the site is safe before commencement of works.

Co-ordinated Work

We coordinate with Engineers and Private Certifiers that all requirements are meet before commencement of works

Prior Permits

We facilitate all Local Council Approvals and additional permits for our clients prior to commandment of works.


All recyclable materials are removed and sorted out separately.

Eco Friendly

Afterwards, we dispose of rubble and materials in an environmentally friendly and professional manner.

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