Hazardous Waste Removal

Certain wastes that carry high chemical, environmental or biological risks need to be treated in highly specialized waste treatment plants.

For all types of waste, even the most specific and hazardous
We are authorized to remove and destroy all hazardous waste , including those of more specific types.

  • Waste containing PCB
  • POP, phytosanitary products
  • Industrial gases
  • Highly toxic waste
  • Wastes that generate biological and / or environmental risks
  • Residues that generate health risks
  • Electronic waste
  • Mercury wastes
  • Waste from multiple risks

From diagnosis to destruction of hazardous waste
Our multidisciplinary teams help you in all stages of waste management,from identification to packaging, through an administrative follow-up:

  • Administrative follow-up (Basel Convention)
  • Packaging
  • Transport (Basel Convention)
  • Analysis
  • Safe storage
  • Elimination

Comply & Regulations

Council Friendly

We follow all requirements Setout by the Local Sydney Council we are operating in.

Site Safety

We facilitate all Trades from Plumbers, Electricians that are required to make the site is safe before commencement of works

Engineer Check

We coordinate with Engineers and Private Certifiers that all requirements are meet before commencement of works.

Council Approvals

We facilitate all Local Council Approvals and additional permits for our clients prior to commandment of works.

Removed Recycling

All recyclable materials are removed and sorted out separately.

Eco Friendly Disposal

Afterwards, we dispose of rubble and materials in an environmentally friendly and professional manner.

The key objectives of advanced waste management are to minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing the value of the waste. The protection of people and the environment is a top priority. In the recovery or disposal of waste different treatment methods are used. They depend on the nature of the waste and the treatment goal.

Special waste: special care during disposal
Hazardous waste or hazardous waste is waste which the legislator classifies as hazardous due to their harmful properties to humans or the environment if they are particularly hazardous to health, air or water, explosive or flammable. The legislator has issued regulations and regulations for the disposal of hazardous waste, the observance of which is strictly monitored.

Modern waste management concepts include all the necessary steps:
From the collection through the transport of waste to their preparation for material or energy recovery. Some types of waste, such as paper or biowaste, should be recorded separately at the point of origin. This way they can be used better. Further processing or treatment takes place in the technical equipment intended for the respective type of waste.

Biological treatment Process

Ifthe residual waste is not directly collected and collected separately, it is divided into mechanical biological treatment processes. Thus, the recyclable or high-calorific fractions can continue to be used. The sorted by mechanical separation material is recycled material or energy in the next step. The remainder is deposited on landfills after biological treatment. In the thermal treatment, the energy produced during combustion is generally used as electrical energy, heat and / or process steam. Biowaste can also be used to generate energy. For this purpose, they are first fermented in biogas plants, so that usable biogas is produced.

For hazardous waste there are special disposal methods that ensure the destruction or conversion of the pollutants contained therein. Depending on the nature and nature of the hazardous waste, treatment in special waste incineration plants or in physico-chemical treatment plants is required.

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