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In addition to many years of experience as a demolition company, always well-trained, qualified employees and state-of-the-art technology represent our sustainable expertise for your demolition work and are the capital of our company.

Whether demolition work for a commercial building or a commercial object, demolition work for garages, storage sheds or residential buildings, fire damage restoration or partial demolition of any building, we face any commercial or private demolition.

We take over the project planning, create a budget for you in advance and accompany your demolition work professionally and comprehensively in each phase. We gut your building before the actual demolition work and at the same time create the site plan for your project, because safety is very important to us!

Our activities also include the removal of all substances after completion of the demolition work to the respective recycler or to our own recycling centre. Upon request, we prepare the mineral rubble with our recycling plants directly on your construction site. Even demolition work with hazardous substances according to guideline are in the right hands with us.

Benefit from our many years of experience as a demolition company
Today, a modern demolition company is defined not least by qualified personnel and modern machinery. Therefore, our machinery includes long front tracked and compact excavators as well as various attachments such as demolition shears and demolition hammers, wheel loaders of different sizes for stopping and loading the demolition materials, and our own crushing plants with downstream screening equipment for the production of high-quality recycled material.

Additionally, in our opinion, the times of muscle power and wrecking ball in our industry are long gone. Rather, our focus is on prudent behaviour, static knowledge and, above all, an innovative way of working. The use of dust cannons, for example, suppresses dusts resulting from the demolition work, reducing noise and vibration to a minimum. Explicit knowledge of our employees with hazardous wastes enables the demolition of the remaining building substances as well as the separate, professional disposal of the hazardous substances.

Sustainable customer relationships and the commitment of our employees determine our daily activities. Trust in our many years of expertise as a demolition company and benefit from our experience.

Comply & Regulations

Local Sydney Council

We follow all requirements Setout by the Local Sydney Council we are operating in.

Safety First

We facilitate all Trades from Plumbers, Electricians that are required to make the site is safe before commencement of works

Co-ordinated Work

We coordinate with Engineers and Private Certifiers that all requirements are meet before commencement of works

Additional Permits

We facilitate all Local Council Approvals and additional permits for our clients prior to commandment of works.

Recycling And Sorting

All recyclable materials are removed and sorted out separately.

Eco Friendly

Afterwards, we dispose of rubble and materials in an environmentally friendly and professional manner.

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